30-Minute Full-Body Workout To Burn Calories | Get Fit 2015 Challenge

Weight Loss Tip:Being fidgety can help you lose weight - really! Keep yourself moving even when you are sitting. Try tapping your foot; doing muscle exercises - tense different muscles and hold for a few seconds, then release and repeat; or drumming your fingers. If anyone asks what you're doing, just tell them. You might start a trend!

Take 30 minutes out of your day for fitness! This full-body workout will leave you dripping with sweat and toned all over – it's a Get Fit 2015 Challenge workout. Plus, you keep moving throughout the 30 minutes to burn serious calories while building metabolism-boosting muscles. Grab a set of medium weights, press play, and bring it!

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Written by bodyfat52


  1. wait they say this channel is for fitness but they have sugar in the name has sugar in it sooo is sugar healthy or did they think it sounded cool so they put it in there name?

  2. 2017 – Still insane stuff. Started sweating after a few minutes, and it’s great! I plan to do this at least every other day, alternating exercises and training methods. Currently 177 lbs, hope to get down to 155-160. I’m 5’9″, nearly 5’10” in height and I’m very excited to lose weight. 🙂

  3. The push up and rotate is just a killer. Oh my god… But the hole cardio workout it’s great. Thank for this video

  4. There are a few suggestions for doing yoga to lose weight
    Find a reputable program locally or online and stick to it
    Do yoga with a friend so you have someone to encourage you
    (I read these and why they work on Betwans Yoga Blog site )

  5. I just discovered this today and it is the year 2017, no matter, I really liked modifying the modifications to get through the workout!

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