3 Tips To Boost Your Testosterone — For Men Over 40 Only

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How men over 40 can get a toned, defined six pack:

Hey guys, I'm here to share with you 3 of the best tips for boosting your natural testosterone production.

So let's get right into Tip #1: Stop doing the wrong types of workouts for your body and age…

Here’s the thing… Certain workouts can actually lower your testosterone. And decreasing your T-levels further will put a lot more fat on your body… very quickly

You see, the first thing most older men do when trying to get in shape is head to the gym and work out aimlessly… Jumping from machine to machine, with no rhyme or reason.

Huge mistake… I mean you wouldn’t try to start a business by spending your money on random things that have nothing to do with your type of business? So why would you go to the gym and do random stuff that has nothing to do with burning fat? And one of the most common and worst thing older men can do is stationary cardio…

Tip #2: Stop following those fat-free diets…

Now I know doctors and fitness coaches always mention getting rid of fats in your diet… Now it’s true that it will help you lose some weight, however most of that weight you’ll be dropping will actually be coming from loss of your muscle mass – not fat mass.

You see, fat is vital for testosterone production, so when you cut fat from your diet… you also cut testosterone from your body.

Tip #3: Get rid of your belly fat…

Now most men don’t know this, but belly fat is proven to causes low testosterone. The reason this happens is because belly fat produces a hormone that actually turns your testosterone into the female sex hormone – Estrogen.

And as a man, when you have excess estrogen in your body… your body becomes a fat storing machine.

Now here's the problem… getting rid of your belly fat is very difficult when you already have low testosterone.

And this becomes a vicious fat gaining cycle that most men become trapped in – I myself used to be that guy.

Now what you have to do is break this vicious cycle of your low-T causing you to have belly fat and your belly fat causing you to have low-T.

You can reverse the effects of low-T fast:

And like I said, this was the exact same problem I had…

However I was able to do one simple thing to break this fat gaining cycle by finally getting rid of my belly fat quickly.

And at my website, you’ll see exactly how it’s works for men over 40 like us.

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