3 Tips For EXTREME Weight Loss!!

Weight Loss Tip:Make weight loss fun and not a chore. Some people avoid exercise because they think of it as punishment instead of fun. Getting up and moving more each day provides results just as well as repetitive push-ups, sit-ups and squat-thrusts. Have fun and lose weight by shadow-boxing each time your least favorite contestant on a reality show appears on your television screen. Get in the habit of dancing at certain times of the day. Put on your favorite tunes and groove those pounds and inches off of your body.

These are just a couple tips that I wished was shared with me when I started my weight loss journey!

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Written by bodyfat52


  1. I’m only a couple of weeks in my weightloss Journey, and you are seriously
    helping me so much! thank you so much!

  2. I used to work at McDonald’s, if you get a salad don’t get fried chicken on
    it. That’s nearly 500 calories. Get the grilled chicken, it’s nearly 200
    calories less.

  3. I think a lot of what you said makes perfect sense! I drink soda and sweet
    tea most of my day and only a little water during winter and vise versa
    during summer days. I always lose weight during the summer. only I’ve
    manged to gain 50 pounds I’m currently 243 and used to be 183- 195 and I’m
    just now deciding to get back on track after 3 years. so thank you for your
    video. my wife would thank you as well LOL

  4. *Good idea for a diet, it seems to work >>*
    *** :)*

  5. From a buddy of mine implemented this diet plan “sowo amazing plan” (Google
    it) to shed 16 lbs, We realized a lot about it. I googled “sowo amazing
    plan” and so should you.

  6. Thanks helped me know not to drink calories. I do that a lot I’m a big
    pop/soda drinker. If I can kick that I’d be good. And of course get
    motivated to lift again

  7. yeah I was drinking those powerades the huge ones well IDK they were 80 cal
    per serving I stopped everything to coke cola sweets all and weighed two
    weeks in and not damn pound oh I was mad I think was that powerade with my
    calories intake anyway :(

  8. Awesome video. I like the point you made of not comparing myself to a fit
    person and not letting my future self down. I have 60 pounds to burn off
    myself. One thing I do when I eat fast food, includes burgers , is to
    remove the bread. I was surprise that in some burgers you are removing
    around 200 calories in a lot of these burgers, and some are ove 400
    calories. Calories is the key.

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