15 min “ABDOMINAL ASSAULT WORKOUT #6” How to get a six pack and burn fat FAST (Big Brandon Carter)

Weight Loss Tip:A great way to help you lose weight is to invest in a blender. It can be difficult trying to eat all of the food items that dieting requires sometimes. With a blender you can toss everything in and get all of your nutrition in one drink.

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“Getting lean boils down to one thing: creating an energy deficit. Besides doing aerobic exercise, many precontest bodybuilders follow fairly strict low-calorie diets, most of which stress lean protein like skinless chicken breasts, egg whites, tuna and protein powders.
In addition, many dieting bodybuilders limit their carbohydrate intake to 200-350 grams a day, depending on their size, metabolism and level of activity. Keeping carbs low increases the energy deficit and helps control insulin, a hormone that stimulates hunger and plays a role in fat storage. It's believed that lower insulin levels facilitate the burning of bodyfat.
But the downside to creating an energy deficit is that the body often adapts to the shortfall in calories by burning fewer of them. A break from a low-calorie diet (i.e., a cheat day) can interrupt this slowdown. There are other benefits to cheating. Fat-busting diets can cause a decline in levels of thyroid hormones and leptin (which directly affect fat-burning) and IGF (insulinlike growth factor, which supports muscle growth). Splurging a bit can bring them back to normal.”

-Chris Aceto, “Muscle And Fitness” Magazine

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Written by bodyfat52


  1. Concrete Body Bro, Concrete Brain tho( nothin but rocks always). 1:30 “Lets
    get arms LOOSED up”. Loosededededed up. It’s loosened up Brah.

  2. I love this I have been looking for videos to help me like this and it’s
    working thanks

  3. I was looking for something like this and I am just 9 years and doing this
    every day and thank you for the workout.i love it man thank u soooo much
    U r my master

  4. I started doing this at 12 once every 2 days and now i have really good
    abs. Thanks a lot you really helped me :D

  5. that did not work and that really hearted and me and my little 7 year old
    brother did that and I am ten and did not work and I did it hard

  6. HELP ! How long should I rest between each round ? They build the rounds
    without saying the rest time ! Give me some hint please .

  7. Brandon, can you put a couple of Ab Workouts for people over 40. No way in
    the world I can do and keep up with most of these moves. I think your
    awesome though. Please keep up the great work. I just got your book that
    you co-wrote with the lady. I use it on my clients.Thanks Brotha.

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