13min Beginner Bike Weight Loss Workout

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This is the last part of the bike video I released last month here @

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  1. Blimey I’m puffed! I moved my exercise bike from the bedroom into the living room. I usually just cycle for 30 mins at steady pace. I saw this video and thought I try this out.

    I only managed 3 or so minutes as I was listening to my body and my legs saying give us a break otherwise your gonna have painful legs tomorrow. I sure noticed the difference with syncing myself with the trainer on the bike of steady slow cycle warm up then 10 SEC ON …. then 10 SEC pause breathing and I notice I’m breathing a bit more and sweating a little more.

    I’m 14 stone and I’m not pleased at all with myself as I was doing well late of 2015 to early 2016 and managed to get from 13.5 stone down to 12.5 but then fell into a lapse of depression and eating and putting weight back on.

    I would be pleased if I can get weight down to 11 stone as that would be right for my height. My original weight child days into teens was about 9.5 stone so how in the hell I put on 4.5 stone I never understand that?

    So I’ll get more warmed up or cool up as gotta stay cool in this weather its baking hot!

    I find the video very inspirational and inspiring.

    Getting on again that last 40 SEC winded me big time, Whewwwww weeee that felt good.

  2. doing workout for burning fat and promoting mountain dew by wearing it’s shirt… very convincing

  3. Thanks for the great workout video! Will this workout make your legs become muscular? I want to just lose weight, not gain any leg muscles…

  4. Hey Adrian! 145.6 this morning! This workout is a such blessing! Thank you! I am up to a mile every 3 minutes or so .the weight is melting off! 🙂

  5. hi I was wondering if I’m doing 1000 calories by alternating between forward and backward, at the end 500 calories ford and backward in one session taking a mintue(water break) every 100 calories, will it be as effective as this workout since I’m not doing it as fast as you? and do you actually loose arm fat from this workout?

  6. PPpfewww.. did 5 min, went lightheaded, on the sofa for 30min break and then another 5 min.
    Hope to build it up in the coming weeks. Thanks for the vid, your bed-cover-workout is great too 🙂 Cheers from Europe

  7. Brilliant work out short bursts of face paced,good motivator,never get bored,only been doin it a short time,Can’t wait for great results

  8. Just love this !!! Its been 3 days i m doing it ,and feel like i m loosing weight feeling light and active …i through the whole workout

  9. Incredible workout session..Keep it up!!! Well, I have also found a very impressive fitness & weight loss related video “Debra Stefan Fitness Weight Loss Camps” by #vegasfitness1 channel. If you have time then take a look. And if you are fitness conscious then subscribe the channel for more healthy lifestyle tips & fitness related videos!!

  10. I’m gonna alternate my workouts every other day Monday to Friday between this and the bedsheet shuffle exercise.

  11. Thanks for awesome video. I’m watching it every single training. I have lost 5kgs in 2 weeks (I think it is around 11 lbs). Best regards from Middle Europe, Slovakia 🙂

  12. I did 2 sets of this 13 min in a row , and after that did 40 min continues and still think I didn’t do enough . Sorry if I sound over the top , use to do Wushu Kung fu and that is the hardest type of work out . I don’t do it anymore , but I still remember what a good hard work out feels like . This work out is great will probably have to do 3 sets of 13min in a row , to feel satisfied .

  13. I just completed this and the sweat is pouring, had to take a few longer breaths….good workout Adrian.

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