135 Varieties Of Seeds For Under $70 – Non GMO Heirloom Seeds

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See the full list:
I will be attempting to plant every single one of these varieties this year in the garden. I am looking for a place to grow them all.

With this many seed types, it will be a very interesting experience to see how they all turn out. Some of these I have never had before.

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  1. I stock all of those things, in quantity. I buy lentils at the dollar store. When I work in NYC, in the poorer areas, there is a store where I get yellow and green peas for 69 cents a pound.

    I grew up eating radishes in salads. Guess its a local thing. They are sold in every grocery store around here.

  2. How much did you pay if i may ask im stocking up on seeds what is best way to store them? I got the paper seed packs for now….

  3. These are just under $70 on ebay. If you go to the link in the description, I have a blog post about it and at the bottom a link to their ebay store.

    The best way to keep them is air tight, cool, dry and dark. Frozen is the very best.

    I have some seeds over 4-5 years old that i will try as well, just to see if they work. They have been in all sorts of horrible storage conditions. Lets see. I will upload the video results when/if they grow.

  4. What seeds cannot be frozen? How would I save them long term? There is not much info out there on the subject.

    There is a world seed bank up in the North Pole dug into the ice where the gov has saved seeds of all kinds in order to rebuild in case of a nuke war or other disaster. Far as I know, its frozen there.

  5. Now that is some good information. So what if I take the seeds out of the freezer, put them in a folded towel and let them thaw slowly?

    In summer when I wanted ice cream, I brought it home and put it in a folded towel. It stayed frozen in 90 degree weather until a couple hours later when I wanted to eat it.

  6. That is exactly what I plan to do. I want to keep some seeds frozen for long term. Some I am keeping out for immediate use. I am keeping out only what I will immediately need this year. I will put away some seeds from this years crops to plant next year.

  7. Where do I get the seeds? Sorry im on break ATS work and. Am walking back in now. Fuck McDonald’s.

  8. I’m going to unsub you and dislike all of your vids unless I get the seeds by next Friday. Don’t be late sir.

  9. Nope, just stuff to try out most of the time. I do allow paid ads on my websites though, which is another story.

  10. Hey Troy, another great video! May I make a suggestion? Look in to aquaponics for your garden. You have fish on one side and your garden on the other. Veggies are grown in 3/4″ gravel medium. The fish waste becomes your fertilizer. You can eat the fish to an extent too. Do a search and look for a guy named Murray. Everyone knows him in aquaponics. He’s an Aussie.

  11. Interesting idea. I never thought about growing food like that. I have considered making a gray water pond tho. Thanks.

  12. Some say 5 years. Some say more. Some seeds last longer than others. Freezing them in a sealed container extends their shelf life.

    The world seed bank is frozen in a glacier up by the North Pole, I believe. They have a huge series of tunnels in the ice where they keep seeds in case of a world disaster. I think they are stored for many years up there.

  13. For long term storage, I see they recommend to do so in a air tight glass container.  I wonder if you need to put oxygen remover packs in the container with them?

  14. So Troy how did these seeds do for you, did you plant them this year in your 2014 garden? How do you store the seeds you didn’t plant?

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