1000 Calorie Workout Video – 84 Min HIIT Cardio, Total Body Strength Training + Abs, Fitness Blender

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Written by bodyfat52


  1. крутяк, обязательно буду делать это! Я фигею конечно, 1000 калорий за одну

  2. “OMG” finally a trainer who is hurting and inspiring. Now lets see what we
    do and how we can communicate with the layperson or overweight boyfriends.
    How do we relax and be calm again after doing HIIT 3x week? Any good
    Holiday is not an option this fortnight. lol.
    As an Aussie Fitness Instructor and remedial therapist I dont want to
    strain 24/7. 3 Cycle classes to instruct, 2x HIIT 30min PLYO and Cycle are
    my job. 2 Jogs / wk, and daily dog walks. Swimming is necessary also.
    I need recovery time on the roller and couch watching movies.

  3. I’ve just done it and I’m so soooo proud of myself!!! It was my first
    time!! I thought I coudnt be able to do this but I didnt give up and I
    passed!! Thank you! <3

  4. I’m a Korean. I recently started a diet.
    Now exercise is very difficult and hard.
    But haneunge sweat sweating workout was so happy and fun.
    We know so much about what you gave me a good image and how to exercise
    I will try hard.
    Thank you.

  5. hi,fitness blender am 15 years old and my main goal is to lose weight I
    usually eat 800 calories a day.what am saying is that when I start to do
    this workout until 34:37 my head start to pain me it is like I don’t get
    that energy to complete and am pushing my self to do the whole workout is
    it important to complete the the work ?? or is there a problem??

  6. complete…do this (or another of the 1000 calorie workouts 1-2 times a
    week. I’m 70 and it feels great!

  7. Can’t believe I got through this. And I didn’t even take any extra breaks!
    The HIIT is hard, everything else is very manageable. Feels amazing!

  8. First time doing this workout and I finished it! Made me feel good
    considering I was bad and ate three cookies today lol!

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