10 MINUTE FAT BURNING MORNING ROUTINE | Do this every day | Rowan Row

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Stay away from all things fried. If it is breaded, it is better that it is baked. Fried foods are immersed in fat and oil. Even after the excess has oil has been drained away, there is still oil absorbed into the food item itself.

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10 MINUTE FAT BURNING MORNING ROUTINE | Do this every day | Rowan Row

Get shredded without a gym by doing this routine every morning. It only takes 10 mins of your time.
Make sure you execute the movement correctly and stick to the whole circuit for the best results. Please comment below if you have any questions at all.
Thanks again for the constant support. Much love to you all and good luck with the workout. xo


* High knees
* Low plank to high plank
* Half burpees
* Toe touches
* Squat jump
* Side plank
* Alternate lunges
* Jumping jack
* Hip thrust
* Butt kicks

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  1. I find this keeps me awake throughout the morning better then coffee. Even when I have not had enough sleep. Almost reached day 30 and starting to see a slight difference.

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