10 Easy Ways To Lose Weight Fast

Weight Loss Tip:If you are trying to lose weight do not make the mistake of believing that fruit juice is a valid substitution for eating fresh fruit. Many fruit juices are made from concentrate so they are loaded with added sugar. If you are going to have juice make sure that it is 100 percent juice that is not from concentrate.

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  1. *Brilliant been doing 5:2 for 6wks, starting to really feel the difference already!!! **** :)*

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  8. so im 17 and go to the gym 4-6 times days a week usually 20 min cardio a weight lifting circuit and end with another 10-15 min of cardio. I try to mix up the workouts but i haven’t seen any results. ive been doing this for about 20 something days straight, eating could be a little better but just wondering if you have any other suggestions?

  9. These tips are hopeful really useful. My motivation is up and has me ready to start. Thank you for these tips

  10. Thank you! I had a lot of attempts and always thougt that It’s something what I am doing wrong, and now I know . For the first time i feel that I REALLY can do this and it does have not to be so terrible way. You helped me so much! I’m starting this challenge 😀 wish you all the best ;))

  11. Thankyou Matt I enjoyed this video I’m overweight and feeling awful I am going to start this tomorrow.

  12. Could you do a video on building muscle strength? I’m a gymnast and I really struggle with some skills because I’m not strong enough

  13. Started over a year ago on my weight loss/ getting healthier journey but recently have been stuck in a rut and even backtracking. Saw your video today and feel inspired. Going on a 21 day challenge starting today.

  14. My cardio Training is riding my Unicycle (the one with seat), that uses the whole body! On the top of that I go 1-3 times a week to the Fitnesscenter (cardio and weight) thanks for having confirmed my current plan 🙂

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  19. can i add some cordial in my water thats all i drink? and no sugar coke, where r u from you sound aussie/australian

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